For when you work hard,
then play harder…


Putting on an event means ensuring that every detail is precisely planned. The right venue, layout, décor and itinerary are essential, but it’s the more specific inclusions that make the difference between a success, and an experience that will never be forgotten.

Everyone at The Drinks Flight not only recognises this need for meticulousness; we live and breathe it. By combining the art of mixology and first-rate showmanship with a burning desire to make your event an unmissable occasion, we guarantee that your employees and guests will be left tingling from our unique designs and delivery.

Fine dining has been around for some time, yet fine drinking is still very much in its infancy for many. We’re committed to bringing unforgettable showmanship to your corporate event, gala or party, merging electrifying skills with a tangible commercial value. Rather than just entertaining your guests, we’ll reflect your company’s reputation for quality and impactful delivery.

As for maximising on brand identity, we fit seamlessly with your company’s style and values. Whether it’s an awards ceremony or an opportunity to impress your clients, we’ll work with you to create the perfect environment. So if you want drinks in your company colours, ornamentation to complement the surroundings, or even delicious concoctions named after staff, departments or services, we’ll tailor every element especially for you.

This is the new wave of corporate entertainment and we’re confident that it will revolutionise the way you do business outside of the boardroom. By inviting Drinks Flight to the party, you’re treating your guests to luxurious experience that will forever raise the bar for future events.


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